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Impoverished pupils assisted by PCCCI

The recipients and the generous giver
The recipients and the generous givers commemorate  the event.

PUTATAN: Thirty pupils of from SJK(C) Hwa Shiong from impoverished families received a total amount of RM14,400 from the  Putatan Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCCI) yesterday.

The financial aid is an annual contribution from the chamber the PCCCI president Datuk Frankie Liew said.

“Although we have only been doing this (financial aid) for a few years, but I am grateful for being able to assist those in need,” he said during the presentation ceremony.

According to Liew, who is also the advisor of SJK(C) Hwa Shiong Parent-Teacher Association (PTA). PCCCI has been giving out financial aid to needy pupils at the primary school for the past seven years.

“Children are the future leaders and pillars of our country,” Liew said, adding that education played a major role in nurturing the hope of our society’s future.

Hence, Liew believed that people should support and contribute towards the education of our children.

Meanwhile, Kota Kinabalu Chinese Chamber of Commerce and  Industry (KKCCCI) president Datuk Michael Lui expressed his gratitude towards PCCCI led by Liew for the continuous assistance towards poor pupils. SJK(C) Hwa Shiong is one of the schools managed by KKCCCI.

“I have always stressed the importance of close relations among Chinese chambers of commerce in many occasions,” Liew said adding that KKCCCI and PCCCI have always worked together.

Lui said KKCCCI and PCCCI have supported each other through  difficult and challenging times, and moved forward together.

“We truly believe the Chinese chambers of commerce in Sabah should deepen their understanding and further reach out to one another.”

Besides fostering closer relations, Lui said having more  interactions would lead to consensus while at the same time, exchange information on business and investment opportunities, thereby creating a win-win situation.

He said doing so would also boost unity among the Chinese  chambers of commerce in Sabah.

On another note, PCCCI legal advisor Serena Liew donated RM 2,000 to the school to upgrade its facilities and welfare of teachers and pupils.

Also present  during the event were SJK(C) Hwa Shiong board of governors  chairman Chung Nyuk Lin, PTA chairman Michael Chin, headmistress Tang Siew Kean and PCCCI deputy president Kapitan David Lo.-Sayangsabah.




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