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Immigration rounded up 86 people despite sabotage attempts

10:51am 03/11/2015 Ann Vivien 1 views Crime & Court,Local


LANGKAWI:  Attempts were made by certain quarters to sabotage an operation by the Immigration Department here last night, during which 79 foreigners and seven locals were rounded up .

The tyres of a vehicle used by Kedah Immigration assistant director Nar Azaman Ibrahim during the operation was punctured, Nar Azaman, who led the operation, said the operation was conducted since last Sunday following weeks of surveillance.

“The tyres of the car which I use in the operation were punctured by some quarters tonight to hamper our efforts,” he said when by reporters last night. He believed the tyres were punctured when the Immigration team was conducting a raid at a massage parlour where six Thai women were detained for working without a valid permit.

The other immigrants were detained in various locations since Sunday and they includes from Algeria, Myanmar, Indonesia, Nepal and the Philippines.

The locals were detained for harbouring some of the immigrants, he added.- BERNAMA

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