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The island of turtle

9:18pm 16/03/2014 RJ 1 views Tourism,Tourist experience

Hi everyone

I am travelling alone to Borneo in April. I am keen to go to Turtle Island for one night on either the 9th or 10th (assuming there are any spaces available – I have just started emailing around). Does anyone have experience travelling to Turtle Island alone? My main concern is that it seems most rooms are doubles – would I be looking at paying the equivalent for two people, ie 2 x 700+ringit?

Or to try my luck – is anyone else travelling there around these dates and would consider sharing a room?

Thanks for any responses – I might consider lankayan if i have to pay that much (though i would love to be guaranteed to see turtles) or just leaving turtle island/lankayan out of the itinerary all together, which i might have to do anyway as I’ve left it quite late eeek

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(Source: tripadvisor)

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