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Illegal immigrants detained

12:08pm 05/01/2016 Ann Vivien 2 views Crime & Court,Current Issue


KUALA LUMPUR:  Immigration officers arrested 301 illegal immigrants in Jalan Silang here in March and November last year.

Immigration enforcement director Datuk Jaafar Mohammed said the offences committed included falsifying temporary employment visit passes, overstaying and not having travel documents and work permits.

Most of those detained were from Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar and Vietnam, he said.

Jaafar said his department, from time to time, monitored the area said to be a large meeting spot for foreigners in Kuala Lumpur.

“Foreign nationals from various places, among them Port Klang, congregate at Jalan Silang,” he said.

Commenting on foreign workers who carried out their own trade by leasing premises from locals, he said it was clearly against the law.

“They (foreign workers) are brought into Malaysia to work for an employee and not to carry out their own business and hiring others to work for them.  Similarly, under the law, the foreign workers are not allowed to hold jobs
such as cashiers.  They are only allowed to work in sectors which are stipulated by the Immigration Department of Malaysia depending on their country of origin,” said Jaafar. – BERNAMA

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