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Sayang Sabah - The voice of Sabahans

IEP encouraging participations

Zuleika O. Curreem
Zuleika O. Curreem

KOTA KINABALU: University College Sabah Foundation (UCSF) demonstrated their keenness in uplifting locals’ standard of English through the International English Programme (IEP) – a free five week English course.

About 340 Sabahans from throughout the state responded to this which led them to participate in UCSF’s recent English classes.

As a torchbearer, UCSF intends to light the path towards a better future for locals and in response to this, UCSF’s Head of English department, Zuleika O. Curreem said the programme drew interest from mostly SPM leavers.

However, age is not the determining factor to enable one to enrolled in the IEP programme, said Zuleika, as she believes learning is a lifelong process.

Showing locals the importance of English and to increase their ability to communicate were UCSF’s main goals.

“We did it as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). English is the medium of instruction here at UCSF, so we want locals to be able to communicate well in English.”

According to her, skills acquired during the five weeks duration, can improve one’s English not only in terms of speaking, but also help them excel in terms of writing, reading, and listening.

The course was interactive and comprised of three levels – elementary, pre- intermediate and  intermediate.

Prior to enrolling, students were assessed using an Award Winning American System called DynEd.

“DynEd is the world’s leading provider of English language learning software and its courseware is the most highly awarded in the field.”

UCSF is the first school in the state to be using this system, confirmed Zuleika adding that they have installed this system at their language lab. DynEd does not just teach American English, but covers other English accents/dialects.

It also covers two main skills – listening and speaking. To have an assessment test, you need

to make sure that it is based on an international level.

This one is based on the Common European Framework Reference. This is a very good

standard used all around the world.

“We are not using traditional classroom studies only. We blend it with technology which also includes the usage of DynEd as  a requirement by the Ministry of Education,” added Zuleika.

“At the end of the IEP programme, all 340 students showed tremendous improvement. It’sdifficult to point out a percentage as many displayed strengths in different areas,” said a delighted Zuleika.

The teachers involved in the programme includes Norashiqin Ahmad, Bobbe Daiman, Eliana Jimuk, Cherane Christopher, Lynn Southey (Australian), Nick Hayes (British), Rae Kelly (American), Stephanie Estolas, Monique Yvette L’Efevre (Australian), Beverly Joeman, Caroline Harris, Farhana Abdul Fatah (FDMS), Susie Labadin (FME), Barbarawati Richard (FME), Angeline Chin Wei Mui (FME) and Delores Pammie Joeh (FME).-Sayangsabah


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