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Honey bears handed over to SWD

9:06pm 12/01/2016 Ann Vivien 1 views Current Issue,Local
The Wildlife Park

The Wildlife Park

TAWAU: Two honey bears from the Taman Kolam Air Panas Mini Zoo, Tawau will be handed over to the Sabah Wildlife Department within this week to be given protection.

Sabah Wildlife Department deputy director Augustine Tuuga said the department would hand over the bears to the Wildlife Park in Lok Kawi, Kota Kinabalu for better protection and conservation.

“In Lok Kawi, both the bears will have their health checked and receive further observation to determine whether they will remain in Lok Kawi or would be sent to other places for the recovery process before being released in their natural habitat,” he said in a statement today.

Tuuga said the transfer of the two honey bears thus refuted the rumour and several contradicting local news reports that a honey bear had been released.

“It does not make sense and impossible for the Taman Kolam Air Panas Mini Zoo, Tawau to release the bears without professional advice and such a move would also be unethical,” he added.- BERNAMA

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