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Heli crash: Blackbox found

A similar helicopter
A similar helicopter

SEMENYIH: The blackbox of the helicopter that crashed here yesterday was retrieved from the prime wreckage location at 11.30am today.

Selangor Police Chief Datuk Abdul Samah Mat said the blackbox was in good condition and had been handed over to the Department of Civil Aviation’s special investigation team.

“It is kept in a special secure room for the DCA team to do their analysis,” he told reporters at the crash site in Kampung Sungai Pening, here.

Other than the blackbox, Abdul Samah said so far, the police’s forensic team and DCA special investigation team had found stomach contents believed to be from human beings, dentures, luggage and several other personal belongings.

He said the search radius for now was 500 metres from the location of the prime wreckage and if needed, the team will it expand further until they were satisfied with the gathering of evidence.

“Our main challenge is the hilly terrain, the investigation will take some time but anyhow we will do all we can until we are fully satisfied that we have gathered all the evidence we (police and DCAS) need,” he said.- BERNAMA


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