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Handle problems in GST implementation – Jamawi

Jamawi Jaafar
Jamawi Jaafar
KOTA KINABALU: UMNO Youth Information Bureau expresses its disappointment with the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) which it considered as being carried unprofessionaly.
Its Chief, Jamawi Jaafar, said the planning and preparation for GST took more than two years by the government and there should be no problems arises in its enforcement aspect.
 “I am disappointed since the first day of its (GST) implementation, and there are already many problems regarding on its enforcement. All related parties such as KPDNKK and Customs Department seem to be unprepared and its system is also uncoordinated, giving way for traders to take advantage,” he said in his statement.
According to him, the public has been promised in every ‘Tolak SST Dan Baru Tambah GST’ programmes for a controlled prices for goods and services, but it seems that SST are still included in the total prices of goods, which makes items more expensive for consumers.
Jamawi said he has received complaints from villagers who are unsatisfied with traders who raises their prices of goods, claiming that it is caused by the government’s newly implemented GST.
He added that the government’s failure in handling these small issues such as the increased price of prepaid cards are also unreasonable. TELCO should have obeyed the directives given by the government instead of the opposite.
 “Clashing statements on the status of prepaid cards price by the Deputy Minister and GST Director have also raise the ire of the public when this kind of small issues are not handled properly by the government. This will make them question the government’s capability to handle the rising price of goods which is more complex,” he said.
He opined that any kind of enforcement should consider the public interest, where the government is prepared to tackle any possible problems to ensure a smooth implementation.
This include the setting up of a systematic Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for enforcement agencies, as well as a coordinated information printing and information centre for both the public and traders. - SayangSabah


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