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Hamisa: PIBG meeting should not be taken lightly

TAWAU- Knowledge and education are the fundamentals basic and surety to form a prosperous and developing country.

The Assistant Minister of Resource Development and Information Technology, Datuk Hamisa Samat said that, a society which poor with knowledge will not be rich with culture and civilization. Thus, it is important for us to mobilize our energies and efforts to inculcate reading value.

She said, without entire involvement, we will not go far. Parents play important role in cultivate reading habit amongst their children.

“It is hoped that PIBG in this school could help the school to implement various program for excellence. In conclusion, this school effectively managed to meet the requirement of “Budaya Sekolah Cantik”.

“I also like to remind the parents in the audience to not taking Parents Teacher Meeting (PIBG) at school lightly,” she said.

She said it during inaugurating Mesyarat Agung PIBG SK Felda Umas, Tawau.

Hamisa is also the member of the state assembly (ADUN) of Tanjong Batu added, there were a lot of decisions in the PIBG meeting get the serious attention from the government. Do not take PIBG meeting lightly. There were many policies made by the Ministry of Education after taking count the ideas of parents and teachers in the meeting.

Unequivocally, she said that PIBG meeting is aim to improve teaching and learning system in the school level. It also enhancing management and administration school system. Children also will be motivated to go to school if parents get involved in the school programme including the PIBG meeting.

She explained, there were parents that discourage their children to get involve in curriculum activities worries the schools. Moreover, there are also parents dissuade their children to take part in organization, club and uniform unit activities in school. The efforts from the schools are important to ensure the students always involve with the activities outside of the classroom.-SayangSabah


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