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Grooming for positive outlook

Sri Andaman owner, Bakri (left) with UMNO Vice Chairman, Datuk Fatimah Shara Haji Ahmad Noor (right)

KOTA KINABALU – The first impression plays an important part in any presentation including decisions for employment, renown businesswoman Datuk Fatimah Shara Haji Ahmad Noor said.

She emphasised that grooming plays a vital role in presenting a positive outlook. This includes job seekers in the service and hospitality industry, as well as hotels and tourism outlets.

She said this in her speech during the Mr and Ms Culture Asia event held in Oceanus Mall, today. The event showcases the beauty and talents of youths from Sabah, and the 12 participants from other states, as well as Indonesia, and Philippines.

“Participants in this event can learn grooming which is important in presenting a positive outlook. I believe that much can be derived from this pageant or competition. There is the courage to be on stage, and I think this breed confidence.  Self- confidence is important as it will allow you to portray a positive image to others,” Fatimah who is also an UMNO stalwart added.

She said she believed that the showcase of local talents would be contributing potentials in many fields. Meanwhile, the experience from the event could also be a launching pad for youth to embark in businesses and services. By Saila Saidie / sayangsabah



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