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Government to uphold Sabah farmers – Yahya

KOTA KINABALU-State Government through the Integrated Agricultural Development Area (AIDA), an agency under the ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry Malaysia will continue to defend and uphold the production of local rice variety variation to the global market level.

Sabah Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry, Datuk Seri Panglima Yahya Hussin said the varieties of local rice in this state usually planted for own use.

“The government will continue to identify and promote the variation of local rice variety that have special features as well as fulfilling the taste of the consumers especially in this state comparable with famous Bario rice specifically in Sarawak and Malaysia generally,”he said in his speech opening Eat Local Rice Campaign, here, today.

Apart from that, he said the organizing of the campaign will encourage and boost  paddy farmer to plant local variety rice in a big scale.

“Promotional activities as such will increase the demand towards local variety rice and indirectly will encourage the large-scale cultivation as well as increase sales revenue of which enabling the farmer to earn substantial and the major source of income.

“With the variation of local rice variety in this state, I believe and confident that our local rice variety are also highly potential to be commercialized through promotion as well as captivating packaging,”he said.

He added the government have introduced the subsidy scheme for fertilizer and pesticide for local rice variety including upland paddy to empower and defend the farmers in Sabah and Sarawak.

Through the scheme the farmers expected to increase the production from a ton per hectare to two  up until three ton per hectare especially the selling price for local rice variety reach up to five ringgit per kilogram and categorized as premium rice,”he said clearly.

Yahya was also hoping that the establishment of four IADA at Pekan, Rompin, Batang, Lupur and Kota Belud with the allocation of RM 1.2 billion for a period of RMK-11 manage to raise the production of paddy as well as to guarantee the nation food supply.

He added the people will get the opportunity to know closely the variation of local rice variety products of which comparable with imported rice such as Bandar Rice, Kondipin, Sylvia, Wangi, Parai Emas, Parai Watu, Naru Todung,Parai Manuk and Pahu through the campaign. Also present was the Director of Kota Belud AIDA, Salmah Labulla.-SayangSabah


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