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Give cooperation to journalists in carrying their duties

the reporters

TAWAU: Journalists should be given the cooperation the need to carry their duties in delivering news and information that are accurate for the public.

Chairman of Tawau Media Practitioners and Journalists Association (PEWARTA), Shamry M. Sani, said the public needs to cooperate with journalist so any problems, issues, or incidents can be reported in a short notice, as a way to inform the authority to take immediate actions.

“Journalists have a huge responsibility in educating the minds and change the public perception on certain issues or problems,” he said when met by reporters after PEWARTA 2015 Annual Meeting, here yesterday.

He also suggests for workshops to be set up to give further understanding and explaining the responsibilities carried by journalists.

“Workshops can explain the duties and ethics of journalists to make it easy for them to work with everyone in the community,” he added.

Previously, Shamry also wants all PEWARTA members to carry out their responsibilities with integrity in order to preserve the profession’s credibility.

“It is not easy to become a journalist, as only a strong and sincere mind can make this profession to be respected, and remain crucial in social and nation development,” he said.  –SayangSabah


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