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Giant offers lower prices to customers

Head of East Malaysia and Brunei GCH Retail Sdn Bhd (Malaysia),   Marius Knight (left ) and Sabah’s Minister for Consumer  Affairs  and  Community  Development,  Datuk Jainab Datuk Ahmad Ayid (right) during the campaign Picture by Alex

KOTA KINABALU – Giant have responded well to their customers by offering low prices of goods in their departmental store.

According to the Head of East Malaysia and Brunei GCH Retail Sdn Bhd (Malaysia), Marius Knight, their 90-dsy price locked campaign was in response to their customers call to lower the prices of goods there.

He said they served an estimated 2.3 million customers per week in country
which is more than any other retailer.

“Our campaign will immediately benefit millions of households throughout the country,” he shared by speaking at the launch of the campaign.

He believed that by locking the prices of these products which include a large number of staple items such as chicken, rice, cooking oil, detergent, children’s milk powder, baby diaper and fresh products, they could help customers to ease their burden.

“First, we identified the 1,000 products that are the most popular items in our customers’ shopping basket. Then, we reduced the prices of these products by locking them the lowered prices, beginning today and subsequently these prices will remain low even after 90 days,” he said.

Knight shared that as Malaysia’s largest grocery retailer and low price leader, GCH Retail is committed to the agenda of being the consumers’ champion by continuously coming up with offers that meet consumers’ needs and expectations.

The launch of the campaign was officiated by Sabah’s Minister for Consumer Affairs and Community Development, Datuk Jainab Datuk Ahmad Ayid at Giant Hypermarket, One Borneo here. -By Saila Saidie/ Sayangsabah.




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