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Getting ready for Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year goodies
Chinese New Year goodies

Chinese New Year (CNY) will be held on Feb 19, where the year of the sheep will be celebrated by revelers.

Although Most will be thinking about the joyous celebration, others might be thinking about the expenses and yet some would be thinking about the availability of CNY goodies at that time.

Kedai Tsen Kyuen Yee in Menggatal seems to have been ready quite early and has in fact sold almost all their mandarin oranges and other paraphernalia for the occasion.

Shop owner, Tsen Kyun Yee, 55, said he had ordered several boxes of oranges for sale in his shop but only half of the shipments have arrived so far.

“The other half of the shipment will arrive a week before CNY,” he said.

The prices for all the oranges in his store depended on its various sizes and qualities; ranging from RM5 a kilo to RM6.50 a kilo.

Meanwhile, Stor Harga Istimewa store in Menggatal have sold most of their Chinese Mandarin oranges by boxes

Store owner Philip Law, 55, said the oranges imported from Taiwan and China were sold at 30 percent price increase.

Some shopkeepers would not be selling CNY goodies as it was a little too late. Martin Law who managed the 33 mini market store said that he would not be selling any Chinese New Year foodstuff this year.

“It was too late for me to make an order on those oranges and tangerines. Plus, it will take time to get here since all the foods came from China,” she said.

Chai Cheah, 50, who owns Swallows Trading store here, stressed that she was unable to sell adult Cheongsam dress from China in her shop as it was not easy to get them all done in time. She would only be selling children’s dress this time.

Most Chinese restaurants would be closed during Chinese New Year celebration.

Brian Ho, 26, owner of Daika Lok Café and Ling Chiu Long, 50, owner of Kedai Kopi San Yuk both stated that they would close shop during the duration and open for business again on Feb23.

“I won’t work during Chinese New Year as I’ll be spending my time with my family. This is a time to celebrate our family and since my children will come home for the occasion I will spend my time with them,” he said.

PBRS community leader from Kuamut, Dato ‘ Ricky Dasim Jikah, believed that most stores wouldn’t increase their items prices.

“Sugar, coffee and most items in the store won’t change in price. However, chicken and meat will be expensive during the celebration. Prices of such ingredients typically increase in the lead-up to CNY due to higher demand from the customer,” he added.

Appolunius Steven, 45, opined that the price would increase twofold while a manager, Steven Lim, 25, said that he was unsure about price increase in stores.

“I rarely buy things for Chinese New Year. Usually, my parents do all the preparation for the celebration,” he said.

One of the shops in Inanam which sells Chinese prayer paraphernalia for CNY Rang Ji Tong has stocked up for the occasion.

Pricilla Liew, 27, a shop assistant at the shop said new stock will arrive next week.

“Just like the Hari Raya celebrations, CNY is an auspicious occasion that’s celebrated once a year. I have set aside RM2000 which is my usual expenditure. I buy an assortment of food items and gifts for the occasion,” Pricilla Liew said.

Yvonne Yong, 25, an assistant quantity surveyor said that she will enjoy the cooking and the purchases of gifts as well as decorating her house.

“We will be shopping things the larger departmental store since the price there are cheaper,” she added. – By Saila Saidie/Sayangsabah


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