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“Gayo” Island

Pulau Gaya derived its name from the Bajau word “Gayo” which means big and occupies an area of 15 km² (3,700 acres) with an elevation of up to 300 metres. Its located about 15 miles from Kota Kinabalu. The 3,665 acre island has 16 miles of shoreline, certain stretches consisting of fine white sand. Popular beaches include Bulijong Bay and Police beach, a quarter mile of beautiful sand sloping gently into the crystal clear bay, perfect for swimming, snorkeling and diving. The untouched coastal dipterocarp forest makes it ideal for trekking and graded nature trails through the inland forest provides opportunities for a study of the various species of plant and animal life within. Day use facilities include public shelters, changing rooms and public toilets.

How to get there

Daily boat services are available from the Kota Kinabalu jetty to transport visitors to the park and back.



Departure times ( from Kota Kinabalu) Pick up times from the Park


9 am 1.30 pm


10 am 2.30 pm


11 am 3.30 pm

• General guidelines for visitors

The park was created for the protection of the natural environment, including the coral reefs, marine life and the flora and fauna. Certain guidelines have therefore been created to ensure the conservation of these natural treasures and visitors are advised to observe the regulations which are prominently displayed on all the islands. Visitors are strictly prohibited to engage in any of the following activities:


-Hunt or carry firearms, poison, spearguns and dangerous weapons within the park.


-Harm or disturb any plant, animal or other living things.


-Pick, cut or collect plants, insects, coral, shells and any other materials, dead or alive.


-Write names on rocks, trees or shelters.


-Bring pets into the park.


-Collecting of any plant, animal or other living or non-living things is strictly forbidden without prior written permission from the Direstor of Sabah Parks.


-Fishing, however, I spermitted with hook and line only.


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