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Free Chinese Ink Painting Workshop

The lecturer speaking to students on  rice painting
The lecturer speaking to students 

KOTA KINABALU – A free Chinese Ink Painting Workshop was held by the Sabah Institute of Arts (SIA) today.

The event which hoped to promote traditional Chinese Painting was themed ‘Simplicity is the ulitimate sophsitication’ and held for three hours.

The institute Chief Executive Officer, Associate Professor Dato’ Dr. Wilson Yong said the chinese ink painting workshop was conducted to promote chinese traditional painting while evoking interest and participation among the general public.

“Today, we conducted the goat ink painting in conjunction with the year of the goat this tear. It is believed that it brings fortune,” he said adding that Chinese ink painting utilised rice paper. We use various type of brushes and inks with subject covering portraits, landscapes, flowers, birds, animals, and insects, among others,” he stated.

The institute had invited Professor Lum Weng Kong to teach the participants about chinese ink painting. He spent two hours on painting tutorial and an hour to enhance all the paticipants’ ink painting.

“I enjoyed the stint tremendously as the participants were ehthusiastic. They came from different age group but they were equally enthuisiastic. I hope they carry on and practise their painting to hone their skills.”

He added that the younger generation should understand and learn chinese ink painting as they were still unfamiliar with it. They should also partricipate in the next workshop carried out by SIA.

Sabah Institute of Art will be announcing their next painting workshop on their website http://www.sia.edu.my/ , facebook and in newspapers. – By Saila Saidie/Sayangsabah.


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