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For tossing a hoe, a man died

11:45pm 27/11/2015 Raimrod Usop 3 views Crime & Court,Local
Douglas showing the homemade firearm.

Douglas showing the homemade firearm.

KENNGAU: Enraged with his son for tossing a hoe, a man accidentally shot himself with a homemade rifle (ginsok) as he angrily strike the weapon on the house pillar.

Keningau District Police Chief, Deputy Superintendant (DSP) Douglas Nyeging Taong, said based on the statement of the victim’s son, his father hit the pillar with the  loaded ginsok, breaking the gun and causing it to explode.

The victim, Anthony Duronsoi, 56, from one of the villages in the district, died after receiving treatment for three days at Keningau Hospital.

“The victim injured his body on the left rib cage. He was declared dead at 6.15pm in 24 November at the hospital,” he said during a press conference at the District Police Headquarters.

The doctor who treated the victim said there were eight bullet shards still lodged inside the victim’s body which caused severe internal bleeding, Douglas explained, adding that autopsy on the victim only managed to take out one of the bullet shard. –SayangSabah



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