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Flash flood in Penampang

2:41pm 09/11/2015 Raimrod Usop 15 views Local

banjir kilat

PENAMPANG: Flash flood occurred in several areas in Sabah after heavy rain since this evening, which became a hot topic in the social media among affected residents.

According to a Whatsapp user, Telcadora James, who lives at Jalan Kibabagi Minintod, water began to rise as early as 3.50pm.

“Water begin to enter our house at 5.00pm and we were notified by JBPM personnel that trees have fallen down near roads at the area and became inaccessible,” she said.

Kg. Kasigui, she added, is affected by the flash flood despite the water started to recede at 8.20pm slowly.

Based on the weather report issued by the Meteorological Department for Sabah west coast, the region will experience thunderstorm in several places and heavy rain at night. –SayangSabah


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