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Five people injured when firecrackers exploded

10:34pm 11/02/2016 Ann Vivien 8 views Current Issue,National


NIBONG TEBAL: Four youths, including a girl, were injured when a firecracker they modified suddenly exploded at the Taman Terkukur Indah Flats, here, early this morning.

South Seberang Perai District Police chief Supt Wan Hassan Wan Ahmad said the youths, aged 17 to 20 years, including two male siblings, were in a room in a flat unit on the ground floor, during the incident at 3.40 am.

“The girl suffered burns on several parts of her body and face while the others were injured on the hand, head and back,” he said here, today.

He said the three boys were sent to the Sungai Bakap Hospital for treatment while the girl, who was a girlfriend of one of the boys, was treated at a# private hospital in George Town, near here.

Penang Fire and Rescue operations command er Mohd Yusof Hassan said a wall in the room at the flat had cracked purportedly due to the explosion, and inspection was done to ensure the flat units (around the explosion) were safe.- BERNAMA

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