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Fill mosques and surau with meaningful activities

LUMADAN: Mosques and surau committees need to remain active in its planning to come up with more meaningful programmes.

Sipitang MP, Datuk Sapawi Ahmad, said the beauty of a mosque or surau does not rely solely on its designs, but also depends on its activities.

“Mosques and surau that are full of people will give a positive pictures to the local communities,” he said during the Ramadan Visit programme at Bengkalalak and Lago Mosque.

Also attending the programme organized by Sipitang UMNO were the state Deputy Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment, Datuk Kamarlin Ombi, Lumadan Community Development Officer, Junli Yusuf, Sipitang UMNO Liaison Chief, Matbali Musah, and its chairman of Religious Bureau, Mohd Said Awang Damit.

According to him, proactive committees will take efforts to find new ideas to make mosques and surau more vibrant for the community.

However, he reminded them not to make these places of worship for unhealthy activities which can cause division among Muslims.

Mosques and surau should be a centre to gain knowledge and strengthening ties through beneficial programmes for everyone, he added. – SayangSabah


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