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Families’ prayer answered with Zakiah’s safe return

Caption: Zakiah when met by the media at his house in Kg. Tinuhan, Tenghilan, Tuaran. – Photo SayangSabah.
Zakiah when met by the media at his house in Kg. Tinuhan, Tenghilan, Tuaran. – Photo SayangSabah.

TUARAN: Family members and relatives of Lance Corporal Zakiah Aleip express their gratitude to the Malaysian government and Malaysian Royal Police authority for their efforts to free the kidnapped marine police from the militant group in southern Philippine.

The elder brother of the freed marine police, Zakriah Aleip, 32, said they are grateful and relieved when informed of his brother’s release by the authority early this morning.

“We did not know about the date and time of my brother’s release until we were informed by the authority earlier this morning,” he said when met at his house in Kg. Tinuhan, Tenghilan, near here.

He said, the families’ prayers for his safe return during the feast to celebrate Zakiah’s eldest child first birthday has been fulfilled.

Zakiah who was released last night, arrived in Sandakan on Saturday at 7.30am, transported by boat with the company of police authority, before he  go to Kota Kinabalu by plane.

Reminiscing the times when Zakiah was kidnapped, Zakriah said that he has to hide his worries from his family everyday.

“As the eldest son, I tried to remain strong, confident, and patient especially in front of our parents even when I felt worried and distressed by the kidnapping,” he said.

“Sometimes, I cried alone in the room when I think about what happened to Zakiah,” he added.

According to him, the assurances from the authority telling them that his brother was safe and well while he was under the militant’s custody was the reason they had never lose hope to see Zakiah again.

Zakiah, who was deployed at a Marine Police branch had been kidnapped by eight armed militants while patrolling at a resort in Mabul Island, Semporna on 12 July last year.

In the incident on 11.10pm, his colleague, Corporal Ab. Rajah Jamuan, 32, was killed after being shot by one of the kidnapper from southern Phillippine.  –SayangSabah


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