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Extending retirement age effects youth

UMNO Youth Information Chief, Jamawi Jaafar
UMNO Youth Information Chief, Jamawi Jaafar

KOTA KINABALU: The extension of retirement age for public service from 60 to 62 years old as proposed by Cuepacs will affect the young generation opportunities to get a job in public sector.

UMNO Youth Information Chief, Jamawi Jaafar, said the proposal will create imbalance when the number of retiree every year are decreasing while the graduates from higher education institute are increasing.

While there are many job opportunities either in public or private sector, if the employment intake for public service decreased, the country will lose its chance to get new ideas and energy from the young minds which are crucial for today’s development,” he said in his statement, here today.

Jamawi, who is also Tenom Division UMNO Youth Chief, said Cuepacs proposal will only create unemployment especially among young graduates who are waiting for their opportunities to work and contribute in government sector.

He added that extending the retirement age will also affect the promotion of civil service officers.“I have asked for the public service employees’ opinion on the issue, and most of them are against it,” he said, recently.

Cuepacs President, Datuk Azih Muda, said most countries have extend their retirement age to 65 years old, and as a country that is aiming for a developed country status, Malaysia need to follow suit.

Jamawi said, Cuepacs’ suggestion is seen as a regressive approach as the government is trying to move forward with its transformation process for the country’s development including in public services.

To improve the effectiveness of public service sector, the young generation needs to be given the opportunity to serve and contribute, he added.

Jamawi also said that it is better for Cuepacs to focus on its effort to improve the quality of public service sector, instead of pushing for extension of retirement age for civil service employees. – SayangSabah



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