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Existence of ASEAN News Agency Strengthen Collaboration

KUALA LUMPUR-Ministry of Communication and Multimedia Datuk Seri Dr. Salleh Said Keruak suggested a regional news agency or ASEAN news agency to be formed in order to strengthen collaboration in various field parallel with the ASEAN community spirit.

He said through the network of the news agency of membership country, the ASEAN News Agency suggested could get a full range coverage from all 10 regionals.

“Most of the membership have already had their own national news agency. For instance, Pertubuhan Berita Nasional Malaysia (Bernama), of which existed since 48 years ago”

“To keep moving forward for the ASEAN community is already became a reality, ASEAN News Agency that I suggested here, could play a significant role in strengthening ASEAN’s bond in various field, even if it is going to be slow yet it is for sure,” he said during officiating the ASEAN Editor Summit Conference, here today.

In conjunction with that, Salleh wants the participants of ASEAN Summit Conference that will be held two days to start discuss on the suggestion.

According to him, ASEAN Secretariat could determine the country that could be the host of the agency as soon as the agreement is made amongst the membership country right after.

“…and surely the matter of operational and funding. From my point of view, it could be accelerated by appointing editor and reporter from every news agencies to the suggested agency of which is a delivery centre for reporting news for all the of the news agencies.”

“The detailing duty (ASEAN News Agency) will be a challenge to the participating agencies but I am confident that it could be done,” he said.

Meanwhile, Salleh said almost every 1,500 media organization in the membership ASEAN country face a crossing border issue of which related to safety sovereignty and those issues need to be reported in subtle and pleasant way, so that it will not complicate the conflict in a regional and global level.

Thus, he said a strong bond amongst the media organizations need to be strengthen to maintain the regional peace and harmony, ASEAN news agency will open a better opportunity media practitioner and reporters to interact with one another apart from cooperate.-SayangSabah


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