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Ex-Oil driller paid RM300K for wrongful detention

8:26pm 11/12/2015 Ann Vivien 0 views Crime & Court,National


KUALA LUMPUR:  The High Court today ordered the government and four others to pay general damages of RM300,000 to a former oil driller for  355 days of wrongful detention for alleged involvement in drug trafficking.

It had allowed a law suit filed by Ong San Huei against the Deputy Home Minister, Minister of Home Affairs, Moral Rehabilitation Centre, Muar, Johor, the Inspector-General of Police and the Government.

Judge Datuk Rosnaini Saub ordered all the defendants to pay cost of RM30,000 to the plaintiff (Ong).

She said the second detention extension order Under Section 11(A)(1)(a)(aa) of Dangerous Drugs Act (Special Prevention Measures) 1985 was wrong and not in accordance with the law.

The court heard that Ong should have been detained under section 11A (4) of  Dangerous Drugs Act 1985 and not under Section 11(A)(1)(a)(aa) of the same Act.

The judge said Ong was wrongfully detained for 355 days from Nov 3, 2008 until he was released on Oct 23, 2009, after his writ of habeas corpus was allowed by Shah Alam High Court.-BERNAMA

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