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Evaluate information credibility – Japen

Almain speaking during the event
Almain speaking during the event

KOTA KINABALU:  The people in the state are urged to evaluate the validity of any information or news spread in the social media.

Sabah Information Department (Japen) Director, Datuk Almain Ajirul, explained that while social media delivers up-to-date news, the public need to examine its source’s credibility to avoid from being cheated.

“Various information and news in the social media are easily changed, and its accuracy must be denied if the information is a mere speculation and sensationalized by irresponsible individuals,” he said during the 2015 Sabah Japen Sehati Sejiwa Ramadan Iftar event with Sandakan 1Malaysia Community.

In the programme, he also presented donations from Sandakan Zakat Centre to the poor community.

Citing the false news regarding on the earthquake disaster that hit the state recently, Almain said they were spread with the intent to tarnish the image of departments and agencies involved in helping the affected victims.

He said the public must be receptive with their surrounding and not to believe information coming from dubious source. – SayangSabah


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