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Ethnic poets in the limelight

Latifah, Raymond, Katherina and Jasni
Latifah, Raymond, Katherina and Jasni

KOTA KINABALU: Local writers are getting into the limelight through various activities, including seminars and workshops held within the State as well as overseas.

Several members of that fraternity are getting known through their works of short stories and  poems in local newspapers, while some have written and published books locally.

One of the more recent activities that augmented their exposure to the public are interviews in the social media such as YouTube, and in future it is foreseen that they will have several appearances in this media.

Recently, four of the more well known writers participated in an experimental video clip shooting by Sayang Sabah News Portal at the Sabah State Museum Cultural Village.

The four writers, mainly Katherina Tati Sitaim, Raymond Majunah, Latifah Osman and Jasni Yakub recited their poems in that area, and continued filming in the surroundings.

The clip also shows the State’s various traditional architectures such as the Rungus Longhouse, the Tambunan House, Murut Longhouse and Lotud a well a Bajau house among others aimed to showcase these norms to viewers, which will not only entertain but also inform and educate them on the State’s historical background.

Earlier the Sabah State Museum director Sintiong Gelet said the Sabah State Museum  activities uplift the spirit and appreciation towards culture and nature while marketing the museum products as a tourism product. It also serves as a keeper of artifacts of historical values to the State.- Sayangsabah


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