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ESSCom must be stern in handling irresponsible community leaders

10:47pm 01/11/2015 Raimrod Usop 6 views Crime & Court,Local


TAWAU: ESSCOM’s revelation of the existence of certain quarters being involved in giving supporting documents for Mykad applications to immigrants requires stern response.

Tawau Tanjung Batu Anak Tempatan Association President, Juaini Buyong, said any complaints made to the authority should be investigated by ESSCOM and brought the village chiefs of JKKK leaders who are involved to justice.

“This matter has long been herd, but we want to see legal action on the culprits,” he said, commenting on the statement made by ESSCOM Operation Centre Chief of Staff, Brigadier General Dato’ Md. Rahim Mohamad, on the issue.

Juaini said the revelation is highly disappointing if there are indeed some community leaders especially in the ESSZONE area are involved as alleged.

“As a community leader, a strong sense of responsibility and patriotism are needed by them,” he added. -SayangSabah

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