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Environmental Awareness a must in society

Samsudin (3rd right) receiving a memento from one of the youth representative
Samsudin (3rd right) receiving a memento from one of the youth representative

SANDAKAN:- Environmental pollution caused by factories in the state has forced the government to allocate a huge amount of funds for the conservation of polluted area.The move is to preserve natural treasures in order to keep the quality of environment well balanced with development, thus enabling the people to enjoy a healthy clean air.

In this respect Sekong State Assemblyman, Datuk Samsudin Yahya, appealed to the community in the area to be more responsible in protecting the environment especially among the younger generation.

It is everyone’s dutoes whether they are teenagers, youth, or adults to ensure the surrounding cleanliness. Love for the environment has to be absorbed by the society because it relates closely with the well being of everyone,” he said in his speech during the Kampung Cenderamata Youth Association programme for Love the Environment Programmme at Pasir Puteh Jalan Batu Sapi, today.

Efforts can be done in organizing awareness programme and continuous participation in taking the responsibility together to conserve and sustain the balance of ecology in the district, Samsudin said.

He explained that many steps have been taken by the government in effort to create awareness on every level of society on the importance of protecting the environment collectively.Pollution is mostly caused by the older generation of irresponsible manufacturers and farm owners who have no regard for the law.

No matter how many campaigns and awareness programmes for the environment are organised these will not meet their objective if the community in this country did not respond accordingly, he said.-Sayangsabah.


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