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Emulate Rasulullah S.A.W

Hamisa (fourth from right) performing prayers with the local community.
Hamisa (fourth from right) performing prayers with the local community.

TAWAU: President of Tawau Liaison for Malaysian Board of Women Welfare, Datuk Hamisa Samat, reminded the Muslim community in the state to emulate the examples of Rasulullah S.A.W in solving social-related issues among them.

She said the good examples shown by Rasulullah as being patient, hardworking, knowledge-oriented should be followed since these traits are the result of understanding the teachings of Islam.

“To solve these problems, we need to follow Rasulullah S.A.W who has upheld the religion with patience and wisdom without resorting to violence.

“This is the best formula for all in solving whatever issues. It has been proven through the surah of Rasulullah S.A.W on it is also recognized and respected by the West,” she said.

She was speaking during the Selawat Perdana Maulidur Rasul 1437H held by Tawau Usia Body with the collaboration of Tawau Liaison of Malaysian Board of Women Welfare, at Tawau City Mosque, yesterday.

The Tanjong Batu Assemblyperson also said other models and approaches can also be emulated from the life of the Prophet.

Hamisa also criticized Muslim individuals who are non-committal with their duties and lackadaisical in pursuing progress.

She said such attitude and negative mindset need to be avoided by the Muslim communities, who instead must put into practice the teachings of Islam in order to preserve its good image.

“Local communities should continue to carry out their responsibilities and highlight the sanctity of Islam, as its image is currently being affected by negative perception,” she stressed.

By looking back at history and follow the examples of the Prophet is the most effective approach to handle social issues, she said, adding that Rasulullah S.A.W perfection in characters, wisdom, integrity, and pursuit of knowledge should be the inspiration to all Muslim.

“In celebrating Maulidur Rasul, let us get committed in developing the Muslim community.

“Let us cultivate faiths, reverence and preserve good characters so that we become a successful but humble community,” she said.

She also urges the young generation to learn Islamic teachings to prevent the lack of moral values among youths which will lead to crimes.

She explained that all these can be implemented by Muslims in the country when the cultures and knowledge are set as a priority in all aspects of life by the Muslim community. –SayangSabah


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