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Sayang Sabah - The voice of Sabahans

Economic equality should be looked into


KUALA LUMPUR: Senator Datuk Chin Su Phin hoped that the government would look into the distribution of the economic inequality among the people in the country.

Chin requested the government to provide data on the income of the top 20 per cent and top one per cent earners, as well as the distribution of assets in the B40, middle 40 and top 20 groups and more importantly, the amassed wealth of the top one per cent earners.

On a similar note, Chin pointed out that the definition of poverty should not be static and must change from time to time, more so in the current situation of uncontrollable hikes in the prices of goods.

“We have had successes in our effort to eliminate poverty, but times have changed. The definition of poverty, be it hardcore poverty or poverty, should change from time to time,” said the Liberal Democratic Party deputy president when debating the 11th Malaysia Plan at the Dewan Negara.

For example, Chin said the figure or definition of poverty – RM 750 in Peninsular Malaysia, RM 850 in Sabah and RM 900 in Sarawak, should change from time to time as he was skeptical about some of the projections the government has made was not supported by realistic efforts, and the figures seemed to be contradictory and inconsistent.- Sayangsabah


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