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Don’t take death threats lightly

Datuk Hishamuddin
Datuk Hishamuddin Tun Hussein

KUALA LUMPUR:  Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein today attributed what he said were death threats against several national leaders to the firm stance of Malaysia and the other ASEAN countries
against the IS militant group.

“It could be because we have made a strong stand against IS and we have got all 10 ASEAN countries united against them; everything that goes against the IS is what Malaysia stands for,” he told reporters at the lobby of Parliament

He said it was also because of the declaration signed by the ASEAN countries in March to fight terrorism in the region jointly.

Hishammuddin had said yesterday that the names of several leaders, including himself, were on the hit list of IS militants.

Acknowledging that the death threats were not something new, he said he revealed the information due to the worrying developments of late, particularly the terror attacks in Paris last Friday.

“I want to inject a sense of urgency in the context of security pertaining to our country,” he said, without revealing the names of the other leaders who had received such threats.  Hishammuddin said all quarters could not take the threats lightly.

“The security authorities should be highly alert especially in the hotspots in southern Thailand and southern Philippines. Let’s not think that the Paris attacks cannot occur in this country,” he said. – BERNAMA


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