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Disrupting UMNO Youth programmes is unreasonable


SEMPORNA: Semporna Division UMNO Youth Chief, Datuk Mohd Aziz Jamman, is disappointed with the some of the community leaders’ behaviours in preventing the efforts of UMNO Youth to close to the people.

Mohd Aziz said the intention of the Youth is to attract the young generation to join the party through various programmes, including registering them as UMNO members and voters.

He said, the actions of some community leaders in instructing branch leaders, village chiefs, and JKKK committee chairmen to alienate programmes organized by UMNO Youth are cowardly and an attempt to disrepute the party.

“There are also cases where village community leaders are threatened to be blacklisted from their team,” he said in his speech for the opening of Semporna Division UMNO Branch Meeting at Inabah Kamal, here.

Previously, Mohd Aziz also said it is an unhealthy attitude and detrimental for UMNO struggle as it will affect the unity of the public especially in the grassroot level, and weaken the party.

He added that as a leader they should not assume these efforts done by the party as a threat to their position, but instead as a move needed to strengthen the party itself.

These leaders need to abandon their old ways, and cooperate with the Youth which will be the next generation of leaders, he said. – SayangSabah



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