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Dismembered baby in septic tank


ALOR SETAR: Police found the dismembered body of a baby, cut into six parts, in the septic tank of a house in Kampung Manggol, Jitra

Kubang Pasu District Police chief Supt Abd Rahim Abdullah, who confirmed the incident, said there were some parts of the body which have not been found, such as the hands, genitals and the baby’s right leg.

He said the baby’s body is believed to have been cut with a sharp weapon before being discarded into the septic tank.

He said some of the body parts have been sent to Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah (HSB) while the suspect, a 31-year-old woman, was arrested at the hospital because she was found to be bleeding.

“Initial investigations revealed that the suspect had done a genital examination and the doctor who examined her found a tear caused by childbirth,”
he said in a statement here today.

Abd Rahim said during the first interrogation the suspect had lied saying she had given birth at her house in Kg Binjal, Jitra, and that she had disposed the baby into a dustbin.

Further investigations found the suspect had given birth in her grandfather’s house in Kg Manggol, Jitra, while standing and had ‘flushed’ the
cut up parts of the baby down the toilet bowl.

The suspect is believed to have taken sleeping tablets at her grandfather’s house and at 1 pm yesterday July 6) the suspect told her mother she was going to the toilet.

“One hour later the suspect came out of the toilet and told her mother that she was having her periods and continued to sleep until the time for
breaking of the fast.

“The suspect did not display any suspicious signs and the suspect’s mother did not hear any suspicious noise in the toilet,” Abd Rahim said.


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