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Destroy the root of the problem-Dr.Teo

Dr Roddy Teo
Dr Roddy Teo

KOTA KINABALU: There are three methods that the public can use to eradicate the aedes mosquitoes that are now menacing the city.

Beluran health officer Dr Roddy Teo, said based on the order of prevention hierarchy it consist of three methods-effective, medium and less.

“But often times, people always choose the less effective one which is the fogging and using spray aerosol which we are doing all the time,” said Dr Roddy who is appointed by the State Health Department to take charge of the dengue situation in Taman Foo Yen, Luyang.

“The people did not know that the most effective way to prevent aedes mosquitoes from coming up is to destroy their breeding sites which is the main source. We should actually opt that one first which is also the cheapest,” he called.

“The second method (medium) is to prevent oneself from getting bitten by wearing protective clothing, apply repellent, avoid going out during the peak bitten hours which is early morning and late evening,” Teo advised.

He lamented that most people always preferred the third less effective method first when they think of mosquitoes and ignored the first two.

Dr Roddy also urged the public who are suffering from fever or feeling unwell in areas that have reported dengue cases to quickly go for medical check-up to avoid from being infected by advance dengue haemorrhagic fever.

He said the Health Department has set up two ‘hotspot shelters’ in Fohsang shops area and inside City Mall shopping complex since last week to provide education advice and free checking for the public as well as exhibition and distribute leaflets relating to aedes mosquitoes and dengue fever.

The booth in Fohsang parking lots manned by some paramedics opened at 8am-5pm whereas in City Mall according to normal business hours.-Sayangsabah


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