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Deepavali, the festival of lights


KUALA LUMPUR:  Tomorrow, Hindus in the country celebrate Deepavali, also known as the Festival of Lights, that signifies the triumph of good over evil.

Many Hindus are into the final stage of preparations to usher in the festival.

One of them, P. Vimalesvaren, 25, said he would be returning to his hometown of Taiping in Perak to celebrate the festival with his parents and two younger brothers.

“The dinner dishes are usually rather heavy, with rice, curries and dalca. After dinner, all the family members will join in lighting lamps around the house before getting together to design a ‘Rangoli’ in front of the house using coloured rice,” the public relations officer told Bernama.

On Deepavali day, Vimalesvaren, his mother T. Kamatchi, 58, father R. Palasekaran, 66, and two brothers will rise early for their ritual oil bath, rubbing gingelly oil on their bodies and bathing with the use ‘shikakai’ powder to remove the oil.

“Gingelly oil is rubbed on the head of each family member by the family elder, usually the mother, before they bathe and put on new clothes. We will then proceed to the temple for prayers before breakfast,” Vimalesvaren said.

The prayers are to seek the blessings of God for the well-being of the family and in remembrance of family members who had passed away, he said.  After prayers, they will return home for breakfast.

Vimalesvaren said all Deepavali preparations, including clothes, cakes and house decorations, were usually carried out by family members one week before the festival.

“The celebration stresses heavily on positive values, and being together is an important element of the festival,” he said. – BERNAMA


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