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Danum Valley (Part 1)

Nestled in the interior of Sabah, the Danum Valley Conservation Area is one of the last remaining preserves of primary lowland rainforest in Asia. The Danum Valley provides visitors with an unparalled ecological experience into the wilds and wonders of ancient tropical forests. Within its 438 sq. km. the rich diversity of animal and plant life display the complex interaction of a natural, dynamic ecosystem found only in rainforests.

The hot and humid jungle teems with a variety of towering tropical trees, lingering lianas, exotic orchids and overhanging epiphytes. There are few places on earth that can provide such an awe-inspiring spectacle of nature in its original, pristine state.


Danum valley was formely part of a 972,000 hectare forest concession assigned to the Sabah Foundation by the State Government. In May 1995, the area was declared a Class 1 (Protection) Forest Reserve by the Sabah Legislative Assembly, under the authority of the Sabah Forestry Department, which prohibits the issuance of timber and logging concessions.


Currently the Sabah Foundation works to make it a center for wildlife research, education and eco-tourism. The Foundation also provides infrastructural support in the form of road acces. Radio communication and manpower to assist the state authorities in conserving Danum and supporting the development of scientific and commercial establishments for research purpose which culminated in the opening of the Danum Valley field Center in 1986.


As a pocket of lowland rainforest habits designated for conservation. Danum Valley preserves the best of the natural world with many plant and animal species found only in the forests, rivers and wetlands of Borneo. Danum valley’s uniqueness lies in the dipterocarp forests covering over 90% of the area. These forest are a haven for indigenous tree species. Like the keruing Daun Besar, Selangan Jangkang, Mengaris and Kapur Biasa. Danum valley is a sanctuary to over 110 mammals, including the rare Sumatran rhino and ten primate species among which are the Orangutan and the Proboscis monkey. The valley is also home to over 275 bird species and numerous reptiles, amphibians, fishes, countless insects and other fascinating creatures.


As one of the few private protected areas in Malaysia, Danum represents not only a natural treasure, but also an opportunity for land managers and conservationists to work together to sustain the biological resources unique to tropical habitats. One of the primer research and education facilities in Southeast Asia. The Danum Valley Field Center overseas research projects, controls forest enrichment planning sites, education, training and wilderness recreation and is a meeting place for naturalists from all over the world.

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(Top Pic. Source : theguardian.com)


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