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Dalit Sook Community Organization will defend rights for lands

The applicants
The Dalit Sook Community

KENINGAU: Dalit Sook Community Organization continues to defend their rights for their native lands of 6,589 hectares at Bukit Mandalom, which the villagers claimed belonged to them.

Previously the villagers has issued their protest on the three companies which have applied for the disputed land.

Its President, Simon Susuru Antibak, said they will press on with their protest through Registrar of Societies (ROS) because their initial letter to the state government on July last year has not received any response.

He said, they will oppose the three companies’ application to defend their rights for the land and for their children future.

“In this area, the state government has allocated communal land grant of 8,000 hectares for the villagers but it is not enough when there are more than 3,000 villagers estimated who are not listed for the clustered land grant,” he said when met, here today.

Simon said, there are many villagers in the area which have no land grants to guarantee their future even with the communal land grant, because not all villagers are listed for the land grant.

It is more practical if the lands are divided among the villagers through NCR land grant to safeguard their future and improving their economies. – SayangSabah


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