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Corruption: Court have set 22nd June as ruling date

KOTA KINABALU- Special Corruption Court here, yesterday have set 22nd of June as the date of case ruling involving a former prosecutors officer from Immigration Department that accused accepting RM 6, 000 bribe.

Judge Datuk Ishak Bakri have set the date after hearing the submissions from the defences, yesterday.

Mohd Rithwan Mohd Salleh, 36 charged accepting RM 6,000 cash from Lee Shuk Wai at Sandakan Immigration Office at about 2.40om on the 3rd of August 2012.

The bribes was said as motivation to close a court case without action to court towards him of which suspected committed the offense under Section 55B Immigration Act 1959/1963 that is hiring workers without legal documents.

If found guilty, Rithwan will be sentenced under Section 17 (a) Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commissions Act 2009 and could be sentenced under Section 24 of the same Act that allocating imprisonment not more than 20 years and five times the bribes to be fined.

Previously, the prosecutor called 18 witnesses. The prosecution was made by SPRM Prosecutor Officer, Awang Shamsul Baharam Bungso while the accused represented by attorney Ran Sigh.-SayangSabah


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