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Avoid high risks traditional medicines

Datuk Rosnah
Datuk Rosnah

KINARUT: The public has a responsibility to participate as advisory panel members in health clinics to help its personnels in implementing various health programmes and services.

Deputy of Works Minister, Datuk Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin, said the roles of clinic advisory members have also changed with time.

“Today, advisory members are more knowledgeable in organizing activities to support health programmes, such as organizing teams to tackle dengue fever, as well as in monitoring and controlling dengue,” she said.

Rosnah, who is also Papar MP, was giving her speech for officiating the 10 Ribu Langkah Kembara Kasih Programme by Kinarut Health Advisory Panels and JKNS Pharmaceutical Service Division, here yesterday.

According to her, health advisory members are crucial in bridging the communities with health personnels to improve their well-being by becoming the stage for interaction and joint-participations, as in line with health clinic’s motto ‘Health for Everyone’.

“Besides from distributing health pamphlets and organizing sports activities for the community, health advisory panels also need to be active in giving talks on health issues and launching medical check-up programmes,” she added.

Rosnah also calls for the community to avoid taking any high risks and questionable traditional medicines without referring to qualified medical practitioners.

“There are cases in the rural area where the communities prefer to seek shamans or bomohs for traditional medicines when they fell sick.

“They should’ve made a medical check-up first instead of finding their own solution. Health clinics and health advisory panels under KMM are for them to benefit,” she said. – SayangSabah


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