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Clogged drain problem to be addressed

Lee pointing out to Presley the clogged problem behind the shop premises.
Lee pointing out to Presley the clogged problem behind the shop premises.

KOTA KINABALU: Clogged sewerage at the back lane of HSK Grand Industrial Centre Phase 2, off Bundusan road here will be addressed soon by the Penampang District Office.

A representative from the District Office, engineer Presley Anthony held a dialogue session with the affected shop owners at a restaurant today before taking a closer look at the problem.

Sabah People’s Right Association president Lee Pun Yee arranged the meeting between them after receiving numerous complaints from the 42 shop owners there.

According to their complaints, the water clogged was caused by the uneven ground level between the road and the drain behind the two-row of shops.

They said the drain was higher than the road after it caved in, so water could not flow into the trench; the stagnant water then caused a  horrible stench.

After the inspection, Presley noticed the renovation behind the shops was part of the problem contributing to the blockage in the drainage system.

The complainants had proposed to the District Office to dig a new trench covered with metal steel bar grating behind the shops without disturbing the renovated part.

We will take the proposal  into consideration  and it will be discussed during the management meeting. Based on our district’s development plan 1982-1984, the perimeter drain had been block off after the shop owners renovated the backside of their premises,” said Presley.

Besides that, he said the District Office had an initially proposed to raise up the level of the road by one to one-half metre to allow the water to flow into the perimeter drain. -By Bosco Wong/Sayangsabah



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