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Climbing the magical and highest mountain in SEA

The state Capital, Kota Kinabalu, was specially named in reverence to Mount Kinabalu, the highest challenge in Borneo. Rising majestically at 4,095.2 m. or 13,432.26 ft., Mount Kinabalu has a mystique so inspiring, it’s magical. With its granite peak often shrouded in mists and clouds, it never fails to lure travellers all the way to the top. Conquering Mt. Kinabalu does not require mountain-climbing skills, just basic fitness. It takes a minimum of 2 days to climb the 14.5 km. trail to the summit of Mt. Kinabalu. It gives you the chance to look around and absorb the sights and sounds of your surroundings. See the clear mountain streams, observe the subtle changes in vegetation as your trail leads you first through the montane oak, rhododendron and conifer forests, to the mossy cloud forest zone with its gnarled twisted trees covered in moss and epiphytic orchids and ferns; and finally to the alpine meadow vegetation of the scrub-like summit regions. You may chance upon the maiden’s veil fungus Dictyophora, the delicate plant with the foul-smelling mucous on the outer surface of its cap. Insects feeding on this mucous unsuspectingly transport the spores that inevitably get stuck to their feet.

The park organises complimentary visitor programmes for first-times to the park. This include slide/ film shows and guided trails walks conducted by park naturalists. Take advantage to these to gain some informative and educational insights on the parks’s flora and fauna.

Arrangements for climbing

-Make sure you have good shoes. Tennis or gym shoes are fine.
-Bring enough warm clothing. The temperature can fall to below freezing point at night. Pack all clothes in plastic bags to keep them dry in case of rain. Sleeping bags are provided at the mountain huts.
-Bring something wind and water-proof, gloves and a hat.
-Bring a waterbottle with you
-Bring some high-energy foods for climb (e.g. chocolate, nuts, raising. Glucose sweets are good)
-Bring a good torchlight.
-Headache tablets, paper tissues, a couple of plastic bags and some plasters for cuts or blisters are all useful.

There are overnight accommodation and rest houses, with climbers leaving before dawn to catch the magnificent sunrise at the peak. Park regulations require the climb to be done with a registered guide, so make reservations for your mountain guide and porter through the Park’s Head Office in Kota Kinabalu. A minimal fee that goes towards the conservation and maintenance of the Park, is charged at the Registration Office of Kinabalu Park Headquarters. Transportation arrangements can be made individually or through tour operators, while accommodation can be arranged through the Kinabalu Nature Resort. Reservations cannot be made at the Park headquarters. Accommodations are usually fully booked during the peak climbing season, so do confirm your reservations before arrival.

Sabah Parks, Lot 3, Block K, Sinsuran Complex
88806 Kota Kinabalu
Tel: 6088-212719/ 211881
Fax: 6088-221001
Kinabalu Nature Resort
Tel: 6088-243629
Fax: 6088-242861


The park also provides lodging facilities for climbers. These facilities are situated on the mountain at two altitudes; 11,000 ft and 12,500 ft. They serve as overnight rest areas prior to the ascent to the summit.

Rest House/ Mountain Huts At 11,000 feet.
-Laban Rata Rest House – 3322 metre ( 1 rest house –10 bunks). Canteen and shower facilities provided

-Gunting Lagadan hut – 3353 metre ( 1 hut – 12 bunks)

-Panar Laban hut – 3353 metre ( 1 hut –12 bunks)

-Waras Hut – 3292 metre ( 1 hut – 12 bunks)

Mountain Huts 12,500 feet

-Sayat-Sayat hut –8810 metre ( 1 hut – 18
– The mountain huts provide wooden bunks with mattresses, gas cylinders, cooking utensils and a limited supply of eating utensils, climbers must bring their own food for cooking.
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