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Celebrating CNY

Dr Wong (fifth, left) with Deputy State Assembly Speaker Datuk Johnny Mositun (sixth, left) and TCMAS members
Dr Wong (fifth, left) with Deputy State Assembly Speaker Datuk Johnny Mositun (sixth, left) and
TCMAS members

KOTA KINABALU: In conjunction with the Chinese New Year, some outlets run by revelers will be closed.

This include clinics that practise Chinese Medicine  and acupuncture, said Dr Wong Wai Ming who is the president of the Traditional and Complementary Medicine Practitioner Association of Sabah (TCMAS).

Dr Wong who runs a TCM outlet  at Millenium Plaza off Lintas Road to Donggongon Penampang said  personally he will close his shop from February 16 to 24.

In this respect, he shares that his patients may continue with their treatment after Feb 24.

On that note he wishes all his family and friends as well as his patients a very happy Chinese New Year and he hopes everyone will have a prosperous year.

Talking about his services as a TCM practitioner, he shared that acupuncture is sought after as it has positive effects on patients.

“It is also a well tried treatment as it has been practised for thousands of years as part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It has been present in this part of the world for many years, as well,” he stated.

“The practise is done professionally and there is no random treatment. I conduct diagnosis which includes tracing symptoms to patterns of an underlying disharmony, by measuring the pulse, inspecting the tongue, skin, eyes and by the eating and sleeping habits of the patient among others.”

“If acupuncture needs to be applied it will be recommended, he shares adding that acupuncture helps to restore balance and encourage the body to heal itself by inserting fine needles into specific points on the skin.”

The insertion of needles into superficial structures of the body usually at acupuncture points and their subsequent manipulation aims at influencing the flow of chi.

“In the past needles are inserted into all the points on the back for instance, but there are ways where only a few needles are used, in specific points that treat the target area,” he shared. In his practise Wong use as little as three needles for back problems.

Another treatment is the oxygen acupuncture where points are manipulated to ensure that the body receives its needed oxygen, the doctor says adding that some people who has problem with lack of oxygen can be helped through this method.

Ailments that can be helped through acupuncture include lower back pain, migraine, depressive disorders and post­stroke neurological impairment.

A consultation with Wong is a very good idea before you proceed for treatment which can be up to ten sessions depending on the severity of the case.

Chiropractic comes with his territory where he diagnoses and treats neuro-muscular disorders through manual adjustment as well as manipulation of the spine.

“Personally, I treat problems that are faced by men and women physically. This includes ailments due to aging and related disorders in post menopausal women. I also treat sports injuries and other aches and pains,” Wong shared.

Wong who operates a Clinic at Millennium Plaza also offers massage and reflexology for customers. He operates from 10am to 10pm.

“I hope my patients will be able to come in after the Chinese New Year, as we traditionally celebrates during that period,” he said adding that he wish all celebrants a Happy Chinese New Year.-Sayangsabah


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