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46 suspects Ilegal public lottery gambling arrested

KOTA KINABLU – 46 suspects (23 males and 21 females) arrested in DICE OPS Ilegal Public Lottery Gambling and Wah Hui in operation conducted started […]

Four men arrested for participated in UEFA Euro Cup betting

KOTA KINABALU – Four men arrested in SOGA OPS ‘UEFA Euro Cup 2016’ in operation that conducted from 13th June until 22nd June around Kota […]

Causing severe injury, a man facing 10 years jail

KOTA KINABALU- A foreigner sentenced to 10 years imprisonment by Session Court here today on the offense of causing severe injury to a man using […]

12 individual arrested in Dice Ops

KOTA KINABALU-12 people were believed involved in public lottery legal gambling activity and ‘Wah Hui’ arrested in an invasion in four premises through Dice Ops […]

30 sommons were issued in Road Gangster Op

KOTA KINBALU-30 summons was issued on various road offense in an Op Road Gangster operation in the city area, today. District Chief Police, Assistant Commissioner […]

Corruption: Court have set 22nd June as ruling date

KOTA KINABALU- Special Corruption Court here, yesterday have set 22nd of June as the date of case ruling involving a former prosecutors officer from Immigration […]

In debt caused by selling fake Mykad syndicate

KOTA KINABALU- A man found out that his credit report from Bank Negara showed that he has car loan debt worth Rm30, 000 and credit […]

Gang Aton leader stealing after leaving prison

KOTA KINABALU- The leader of Gang Aton was just released from the jail on the 27th April after five years imprisonment on the offense of […]

Viva driver of D3V1L arrested

  KOTA KINABALU- A man was arrested for using car plate numbered D3V1L that is not exist in the system.   The 28 years old […]

Two men arrested possessing cocaine

KOTA KINABALU- The police have arrested two suspect and confiscated 202.46 gram cocaine that estimated worth RM30, 000 in an arrest made in Jalan Sulaman, […]

Operating without licence, premise worker fined

KOTA KINABALU- A worker of entertainment premises was fine with RM 2,500 or two months imprisonment by Magistrate Court her, today on the offense of […]

A man was fined RM 3,000 obstructing public officer duty

KOTA KINABALU- A man was fined with RM 3,000 by the Magistrate Court here, today on the charge of obstructing the duty of public officer. […]

Eight immigrants sentenced to 4 month imprisonment

KOTA KINABALU- Eight including two women illegal immigrants each sentenced with four month imprisonment on the offense of entering the country without legal documents. All […]

Street gangster will continue to be eradicated

KOTA KINABALU- A motorcycle and five cars seized under Section 60 Road Transport Act 1987 in Street Gangster Op that implemented in Kota Kinabalu city […]

Motorcycle passangger died in an accident

KOTA KINABALU-A motorcycle passenger died after the motorcycle involved in a road accident involving a Proton Saga and a Modenas Motorcycle in an incident that […]