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Cassanova fleeced and went to jail


KUALA LUMPUR: A casanova who preyed on 14 vulnerable career women with promises of marriage will now spend Aidilfitri behind bars after the Magistrate’s court here today sentenced him to five years’ imprisonment and four strokes of the rotan.

Magistrate Nur A’minahtul Mardhiah Md Nor handed down the sentence on Yawad Mokminin Taib, 34, a father of three, after he pleaded guilty to 14 counts of cheating, stealing and pawning jewelry belonging to the women over the last two years ago.

The court ordered the prison sentence to run from the date of his arrest on June 30.
The court sentenced him to five years in prison and a fine of RM39,000 in default 58 months in prison, for all the charges.

Before sentencing, Nur A’minahtul Mardiah said the court took into account the accused’s modus operandi of getting acquainted with the victims through social media sites, meeting and sweet talking them before ripping them off.

Yawad Mokminin a surau committee member in his residential area,  allegedly cheated six women, aged between 29 to 36 years, into buying jewelry for wedding preparations and coaxing them to part with a total amount of RM19,500 in cash.
He was further charged with eight counts of theft for stealing several items including jewellery, cell phones, laptops and handbags involving RM83,486 from eight victims.

Meanwhile, Yawad Mokminin was also charged with two counts of disposing off property by pawning three bracelets and a necklace worth RM23,000 belonging to two of the 14 victims.

The offences were committed at Mid Valley shopping complex, Suria KLCC, Sabak Bernam and a hotel at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman here between June 7, 2013 and July 2 this year.

Earlier, deputy public prosecutor Noor Svetlana Mohd Noor Nordin had asked the the court to mete out an appropriate sentence in view of the accused taking advantage of the women.

In mitigation, the accused’s lawyer Fauzan Hushin pleaded for leniency saying his client had repented and has a wife, three children, aged two, five and seven years, and parents to support.- BERNAMA


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