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Boy killed by homemade bomb

8:14pm 03/12/2015 Ann Vivien 6 views Crime & Court,Local


KOTA KINABALU: A six-year-old boy was killed when a homemade fish bomb exploded at Kampung Hidayat, Bum-Bum Island in Semporna.

Julpi Elexson, succumbed to serious face and body injuries in the 6am incident. His brother and sister, identified as Rashi, 10, and Masitah, 27, and two other cousins Dantai Kaldi, 27 and Noaidah Tirun were badly injured and seeking treatment at the Semporna Hospital.

Sabah Police Commissioner Datuk Jalaluddin Abdul Rahman confirmed the incident and said nine people, including the deceased, were in the house when the incident happened.

He said the boy’s father, age 50, has been detained following the incident and police are currently looking for three other individuals who were at the scene to assist police investigation.

The case is currently being investigated under Section 304 A of the Penal Code.-By Albert Goh/Sayangsabah

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