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Be vigilant Esszone community told

Esszone area
Esszone area

LAHAD DATU:  Eastern Sabah Security Command (Esscom) chief executive officer Ruji Ubi has urged the Eastern Sabah Security Zone (Esszone)
community to be always cautious, and not rest on their laurels now that it was enjoying peace and comfort.

Instead, he said, they should always remain alert in monitoring the situation, especially the surrounding areas.

“It must be remembered that the Esszone area stretching from Kudat to Tawau is massive. It is not easy to control our waters from invasion, and that is our challenge,” he said.

Ruji said this in his opening remarks in conjunction with a meeting between Esscom and the Felda auxiliary police in Felda Sahabat 3 today.

He hoped the Esszone community could assist in realising the government’s aspiration in creating peace and harmony in Sabah.

He said the restructuring of Esscom last July had created two main components, namely the security and public action components.

“The Esscom public action component remains committed in assisting the security component in achieving Esscom’s mission and vision, especially in safeguarding the sovereignty and security of the people,” added Ruji.- BERNAMA


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