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Be efficient and knowledgeable

The Sabah Police Commissioner

LABUAN:  The policemen in Sabah and Labuan should not allow themselves to be ‘checkmated’ by the public in the course of their duty.

Using an analogy from a game of chess, Sabah Police Commissioner Datuk Jalaluddin Abdul Rahman reminded policemen not to end up “stuck at a dead end” in their policing duty.

“Checkmate is a term used in a game of chess. When we know how to play chess, we must always avoid being checkmated, and this is similar to that of
discharging our duty. We must avoid getting stuck at a dead end in our daily job. You (policemen)
are under observation by people at all levels. Therefore, policemen, regardless of rank must continue to equip themselves with knowledge to effectively resolve cases which have been reported by the public,” he said.

Jalaluddin said this in his keynote address to Labuan police personnel as part of his official working visit here today.

Stressing on the importance of time management in every aspect of policing duty, he said policemen must not delay in handling cases, failing which they were bound to be criticised and face negative public perception.

“We must continue to improve our performance, especially in handling cases and the response time to any case,” he said, adding that policemen should not be biased or emotionally involved in resolving cases.- BERNAMA


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