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Be cautious when taking beauty pills

Pills illustration-www.dermalinstitute.com
Pills illustration-www.dermalinstitute.com

KANGAR,: Women are advised to be cautious when taking any kind of pills for beauty and health purposes as they may contain illicit drugs.

Perlis Women Development, Social Welfare and Community Unity committee chairman, Rela Ahmad urged women not to be too eager to improve their looks to the extent of jeopardising their health.

“Make it a practise to seek advice from a doctor before taking health or beauty supplements which are widely available in the market today. In their quest to look beautiful, women can be so gullible especially when
they are told certain pills can help them lose weight in a short time, making them addictive,” she said when contacted by Bernama, here today.

She was commenting on a statement by National Anti-Drug Agency (AADK) prevention director, Abdul Rahman Hamid who said the number of female addicts in the country had increased in recent years.

Elaborating, Rela said women, especially those living in Perlis ahould be more wary as the state was located close to the border and the pills could easily be bought from neighbouring countries.- BERNAMA


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