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Authentic Briyani Rice in KK

the food at BTC
The food at BTC

Authentic Briyani Rice with the original ingredients in Kota Kinabalu is rare, but it is not an impossible food to get.

Those who love this dish can visit BTC Restaurant in Inanam and enjoy this special cuisine cooked with  its real ingredients and resulting in its  original taste. With a competitive price for each set, hardcore aficionados of Briyani Rice have no need to go as far as India.

The restaurant Operation Director Anwar Hussain said, the community particularly in Sabah don’t need to worry about spending a lot of money just to sample this food.

According to him, BTC Restaurant has just recently introduced the cuisine with the original specification and high quality by using Super Rice Basmathi from Pakistan which is Basmati PK385.

BTC Restaurant is the only restaurant in Sabah which serves the original Briyani Rice and most importantly all the spices and ingredients used are from high quality and specially imported from India,” he said.

According to him, Chef Ismail Kamal, 49, is especially brought from India just to take charge of cooking and preparing the special delicacy.

Anwar said that each ingredient used is the original without adding any kind of seasoning besides from applying authentic method in preparing the cuisine.

Anwar Hussain (right) and his Chef
Anwar Hussain (right) and his Chef

Firstly our chef will steam the rice until it is 70 percent cooked and the briyani chicken will be marinated with briyani-chicken flavoured seasoning.

After that, it will be divided into three layers which are spices, rice and spices or rice, spices and rice. Then the outer layer will be spread with ghee, garnished with mint leaves, coriander, cashews, and high quality raisins to give it the extra deliciousness as well as to increase the rice aroma,” he said.

On the promotion offered, he said that there are three selections available mainly chicken, mutton, and mackerel Briyani Rice.

Dalcha, acar, papadom, end eggs comes together with each set of Briyani Rice along with selectable free drinks like cendol, the tarik, or a mango juice which is made with imported mangoes from India,”he said adding that each set is on promotional rates from Jan 15 to 15 Feb this year.

The same promotion is also offered with every 10 purchases, we will give away one set of Briyani Rice,”

Customers who made a reservation do not have to worry on making reservation because this restaurant has a guaranteed halal storage facility, environmentally friendly and recyclable which is manufactured from Singapore,” he said.

He further explained that they are giving their best effort in introducing this traditional cuisine to the community and ensuring the best service for the restaurant’s costumers.

Besides from serving high quality original briyani rice with ingredients from India, we also prioritize cleanliness and the comfort of every costumers who visit our restaurant.

The restaurant has a certificate from Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) and The Food Safety is the Responsibility of the Industry (MeSTI) from the Health Ministry.

The restaurant is located at Wisma BTC Batu 5, Jalan Inanam and open daily from 7am to 11pm, while the promotion time starts at 11am until 3pm.

On the history of Briyani Rice, it originated from Iran where travelers from that country introduced the cuisine across many continents but it is more famous in India.

According to Pakistan High Commissioner who visited Malaysia in 2011, Masood Khalid, the selection of Basmati rice is the most crucial aspect in preparing the recipe for Briyani Rice.

For me, the main aspect in preparing the authentic briyani rice is in using a high quality rice followed by a blend of spices that can give a unique flavor. The quality of the meat also contributes to the good flavor besides from the classic recipe in preparing Briyani Rice,” he said in one of his statement here.

Spices play an important role in Briyani Rice and with its original seasoning, the aroma can be noticed from afar. – Sayangsabah.



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