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APSB goes offshore

AL Hambra (second left) exchanging signed MoU with Managing Director of Sapientra Marine and Engineering; Haji Adnan Rahim (third right) at Sapientra's office in Kuala Lumpur recently.
AL Hambra (second left) exchanging signed MoU with Managing
Director of Sapientra Marine and Engineering; Haji Adnan Rahim (third
right) at Sapientra’s office in Kuala Lumpur recently.

KOTA KINABALU:  A Sabahan oil and gas company acquired a majority stake of 70% shareholding in Sapientra Marine & Engineering Sdn Bhd making APSB its majority shareholder during a signing ceremony held in Kuala Lumpur recently.

The company Alhambra Petroleum Sdn Bhd (APSB) is now working with Sapientra Marine & Engineering Sdn Bhd an offshore service provider specializes in geo survey, underwater services and subsea technology.

Currently, it has a yard in Labuan where its complete system of hyperbaric facilities is located, as well operation offices in Kuala Lumpur and Miri.

APSB’s Managing Director who is also the newly appointed Sapientra’s Chairman Al Hambra Tun Juhar said: “Oil and gas is a sunrise industry in Sabah with only a handful of local Sabahan companies providing technical offshore services.

“We are excited with this acquisition as this will not only reinforce our position in the industry, but to also propel APSB in expanding its oil and gas portfolio throughout Malaysia.”

“We are currently working closely with our partner from Houston, Texas on the Atmospheric Diving Suit (ADS) technology which is a man-operated armour suit capable for underwater tasks in depths up to 1,200 feet.”

“This technology fills the gap on the maneuvering limitation of a Remote Operating Vehicle (ROV) as well as divers’ depth constraint and hazardous working condition.”

The ADS is economically viable, safer and faster to operate compared to the costly traditional saturation diving as with this suit, a diver can dive in and out of the water without having to compress and decompress thus eliminating the need for a hyperbaric chamber.

Al Hambra said: “Personally, I would like to see more Sabahan engineers to be in the oil and gas industry as it would be a wasted opportunity for us locals not to capitalize on this booming industry.

“Therefore, we hope to attract more locals to work with us and in the future, to be involved in the top-level management of APSB and Sapientra.We don’t want to be just a license holder of Petronas but also to be a genuine oil and gas player from Sabah with the right assets to do the real job.”-Sayangsabah




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